One of the great things about having less stress of a job is that I have more time on my hands when I’m not working. So I have started to catch up on my reading, both books and blogs. I just finished an awesome book by Allison Vesterfelt called Packing Light that hit right at home. It basically was about her journey and thoughts about living life with less. What was great about it though is that going into it I thought she was going to talk a lot about living life with less material things when in reality it was about much more than that.
She talked a lot about baggage….and boy do we all have baggage. Some more than others and some packed more intensely then others. It’s still there though and when we decide to live a life that is “lighter” we need to give away some of that baggage. I admit to still having baggage about my Dad and my ex-husband even years and several therapy sessions later. Why? Because I haven’t let them go. I haven’t decided to fully take that leap to leave it behind forever. To trust that I am done with those feelings and done with the hurt that they have caused. So when I have decided lately to get rid of some of the physical stuff in my life, I also need to remember to get rid of that other baggage. To let it go and let something else more positive take its place.

I highly suggest reading this book…it was a nice smooth read and I loved her writing style. Made me think a lot about the baggage to get rid of. In fact…I am starting to fill the bags now 🙂



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