For some reason my anxiety has been creeping back in here and there at work…..I attribute it to a few things I think. I have upped my intake of caffeine and it is a pretty high paced job. Also, with having no insurance I have had to work with my meds a little and they aren’t necessarily back on track yet. I have yet to have a moment where I have been unable to perform the job, I have pushed through the anxious moments even when all I want to do is hide in the back room sometimes.
Today was a pretty anxious day for me….it was very busy and we had an inspection from corporate. I was put in a pretty high paced position which I love the challenge of but today was getting the best of me. So on my first break I took some deep breaths said a few little mantra prayers I have and just tried to ease my mind. I also checked my hair and makeup and put on my lipstick. It is not often on these early morning shifts that I put on lipstick but what I have noticed is that when I have it on I feel more put together and confident. It might seem silly, but it is like my shield and I wear it proudly. So when I went back on the floor today there were still a few anxious moments but I felt more grounded….and certainly had to have looked better. I think we all need to remember about those little things that can make us feel better. Maybe it is lipstick, or a new headband or some cute earrings…..something to build the confidence and shove back the anxious thoughts.



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