a lot of people probably think I am crazy for quitting my job that I have been at for 12 years. That had a pretty stable future and where I made good money. Gee…when I put it that way maybe I am crazy….lol. I had to stop in today to pick something up and I didn’t even want to go inside the building. The feelings are still fresh and I wanted to avoid everyone like the plague. When I got there I had someone come out with what I was picking up. Even driving into the driveway I felt the old pressure and stress and I was reminded why I did what I did.
It makes me laugh at Starbucks when they ask me “what I want to do”. They being younger adults in their mid twenties that is a typical question. What I tell them is that I have already done the stressful career and I came back to Starbucks to slow down a bit and enjoy working. They usually look at me like I am crazy which doesn’t surprise me and they just kind of say “ok” and we move on. I read this great blog post the other day about what you do right now doesn’t necessarily have to define who you are. Yes, right now I am a Barista and I am perfectly ok with that….it doesn’t have to define me or I don’t have to be one for the rest of my life (unless I want to). I can use the lessons I have learned in my past career to make this experience great and teach others. Every little moment we have adds up and gives us knowledge we may have not had…crazy or not I think that is pretty cool.


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