some of you may have heard me talk about the “One Little Word” challenge that is put out by a blogger whom I have been following for years. It basically is choosing a word that you want to be the theme of your life for the upcoming year. I have gotten out of doing it for the last couple of years and this year seemed like the appropriate time to step back in and choose a word.

As I said back in my :2014: post this year so far has been about change but I don’t necessarily want that to be the theme. When I quit my job, I took a brave step into the unknown. It was my safety net, what I had known for 12 years and I made the change quickly. I want 2014 to be more about me being brave; in living with less, trying new things both in work and fun, and starting on a project that I have wanted to do for years and have never had the time or energy for. Being brave means stepping away from the safety nets that I have known for so long and living.


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