when I made the change at work I took a HUGE leap in terms of finances. Thankfully I had some help through the transition and now am starting to get back on my own feet. With this change though brought a reduction in pay that is about half of what I was used to. I had already made some decisions before I quit my job that would help me to manage that but the fact is I do still have general living expenses to keep up on. It has been an interesting change to totally take a step back from spending as you once did, which yes was above my means anyway, and learn to live with less. I’m not great at it yet and there are still some lessons to be learned but I know I will get there. I think it is actually an awesome lesson for me and probably for anyone to go through.

Here are some immediate changes that I made:

1) Cancelled all subscriptions and monthly fees that I really don’t need. This included Netflix, a job searching website that is just fine with the basic Free, and my WeightWatchers subscription because I can still follow this without having the website and app on my phone.

2) I had a monthly fee coming out for a service at the gym that I wasn’t using and was honestly just too lazy to write the letter to cancel. Well I got that taken care of finally and I will also be cancelling my general gym membership next month. I have learned enough about exercise that I have some tools at home I can use and when it gets warmer there is plenty to do outside!

3) Thankfully I didn’t have to give up my coffee obsession because we are blessed to pretty much get all the free coffee we want when we work. If I hadn’t of gotten a job there though I would’ve had to curtail this expense BIG TIME.

4) I try to make sure that I don’t make special trips places and waste gas. I run errands on my way home from work or in one day. I have been doing pretty well with conserving gas this way.

5) I have been buying my work clothes at Goodwill. Yes, there are decent things to find at Goodwill and when they just get dirty and smell like coffee anyway who wants to buy really expensive clothes? Not only that I have actually found some great things there!

So I will continue on in my quest to live with less…..to learn the lessons that God is teaching me and hope that I continue to make the right decisions.



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