It is hard to believe that it is 2014…..and even harder to believe that I haven’t blogged in close to 5 months. LOTS of things have happened. Some really good and some not necessarily bad but just different. The theme going into 2014 is change.

In November I made the decision to quit my job that I had for almost 12 years. It was not a rash decision although I made it quickly and didn’t look back. The only thing is….I didn’t have a job. A little crazy and some people probably thought I was being stupid but circumstances just led to it happening when it did. I knew of some things I wanted to do and had somewhat of a plan in my head but now I needed to make it happen. So over the holidays I was jobless, which was a strange feeling and made me a bit crazy.
Finally, one of the pieces of the puzzle came back together when I got a job back at Starbucks and started just after Christmas. I loved working there in Arizona and their benefit system is excellent so it was the first place I started looking when things happened. My mom & I also decided to take her hobby type job in pet sitting to a full time business! We worked for weeks on a business plan, website, business cards, etc. Things are going well and we are building up a nice client base.
My pace is slower these days, except for when I am in the green apron because I do work a busier store, but for the most part I am able to enjoy. I am learning the joys of not getting nasty emails at night and leaving work at work 🙂 It is a great feeling. I have a lot more thoughts jumbled in my head and I want to get them out but in some separate posts so expect to see more of me around the blogosphere!!!



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