everyone has a reason for making a change in their life. Maybe they have gone through a major illness and have been made to make a change, a job loss, a move. Whatever the reason from big to small there is something that brings the change. For me, one of the reasons for this change of lifestyle was that I wanted to be able to fit into normal clothes. I am tired of having to shop for “special” sizes. It sucks…and it is more expensive. I want to be able to go to ANY store and pick something out. This may seem simple to some people but when you have been doing this your entire life it becomes a huge deal. I remember in the 6th or 7th grade I had some special event for school and I wanted a new outfit. My mom was working so she had my brother take me to the store. He couldn’t understand why I wasn’t shopping in the appropriate size section, because even at that time I was having to shop in the larger sizes. It was embarrassing even then, and the same thing would happen when I would shop with my friends. I am just done with it.
So I have started a board on Pinterest for “New Body Clothes” to help inspire me getting into those “normal” sized clothes. Whatever the reasons are for changes being made, it is always good to keep visual reminders around.



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