when I started on this journey I knew it was going to be tough…what I didn’t know is how much of a change it would have on me. Not only in a physical way but a total mental and emotional way. Oh of course I knew mentally things had to change and I had to consciously make better choices but what I mean is the evolution that in just a short time I have seemed to make. A month ago, I was not working out coming home every night and laying on the couch. Now I am hitting the gym almost every night and missing it if I don’t. I am taking time to plan meals and find new recipes. I am going to bed early and getting rest….did you know that actually helps in losing weight!

And the change shows….not only on the scale but my body is changing, I feel more rested, I am more relaxed, I actually like that I pretty much know what I am eating that day. Emotionally I feel good…sometimes I feel a little raw. Like I have ripped off a band-aid that has been there for many years. I’m not scared of it though…it is almost like I want to keep ripping it off to see what I can uncover and battle. That probably sounds strange but that is what I treat this like…a battle…against myself really because that is what it is. Except this time….I AM going to WIN this battle!




One thought on “:change:

  1. Sue Torroll says:

    Yes you will win this time! You have the mindset for it this time and those who love you are praying for you!!!

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