:84 Days:


What does 84 Days equal? 12 Weeks to be exact….so what is up with that number you may be asking? That is the number of weeks in the Get Fit Challenge at my gym. Some of you who know me may have just inwardly groaned because this will be my 4th time signing up for this challenge and I have never finished one. I have never dedicated 84 days to myself. To my body. To making myself feel better. Gee…when you think of things that way the perspective really changes huh?
So what’s different this time? Well…if you’ve been reading my whole perspective has changed. I am tired of failing and this game and I am definitely tired of failing at this challenge. Even if I am not the winner…my goal is to just finish. To show up on weigh out day and see a difference in my weight number and my body. That to me will be a success.
I am working with a trainer again, only once a week because that is what I can afford. I am happy with him and his style of training. Not too over the top but is going to push me. He is supportive of my Weight Watchers plan and is very encouraging. However, since I am only with him once a week I have to step up the rest of the time and do this on my own. So here is my goal for myself during the 84 days..I will go to the gym or workout a minimum of 45 minutes for at least 72 of those days. I will have a visual calendar helping me to track and the countdown starts today! I even logged in a day at the gym today already. I think I can do this….I know there is a lot of other things that I have done for 84 days without even realizing it.
I am going after this goal hard….as my friend keeps telling me “No Plan B Bitches!”



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