:dare you:

dare you…or really dare me. Remember as little kids when we used to play truth or dare. I would take truth every time because I was terrified of the dares that someone might give me. Let’s be honest….I can spill my truths to just about anyone 🙂 As I got older I still followed that rule and didn’t really do anything that I thought was “daring” I really didn’t do that until just after my divorce when I got my first tattoo. I thought I was being so daring and brave….and well while I was stepping out of my box was it really that daring? I am about to get my 5th tattoo and not because I needed more dares….now I am doing it for other reasons. So what will be the thing that gets me to accept the dare?

Today in the #start challenge I am doing with Jon Acuff and thousands of other people he challenged us to quit something. Something that will open up more time or energy for our dream. So you are probably asking…what is my dream right now? Well right now my dream is to be healthy, to not wake up everyday with a headache and feeling groggy, to have lost my excess weight and a myriad of other things that have to do with this….to be able to shop in ANY store I want. That last one may sound silly but when you have spent most of your life contained to certain stores and departments that means freedom. I literally already have pieces of clothing I want when I can buy it in a “normal” size. That’s my dream. Seems simple enough right? 😉

In the last two weeks I have taken that dare…I have gotten on a plan with Weight Watchers and have been feeling really great with it. To be perfectly honest…Week 3 is where historically I falter on my plans. I start feeling comfortable with what is going on and let things slip. So this week I have to even be extra daring by really sticking to plan and exercising! You may think that I call this a dare….but it is. This is a risk….to succeed in this area that I have been plagued with for my whole life and to be honest just like the little girl I am scared. I have had tremendous support thus far from family and friends and I know that will continue and help me when I need some help.

I heard this song today and even though I have heard it before and I think I have even posted before I can’t help but do it again. I think it might just have to be on my anthem playlist.

So here I go….off on my daring adventure!


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