:morning light:


so I have a secret….

I think I have become a morning person. A good portion of you just gasped and possibly spit out your coffee on the screen but it’s true. The person who used to sleep until the very last second and take an hour to wake up has been getting up at about 5am every day. It started when I moved in with my new roommate who is not only a morning person but also has a puppy under 1 year. It has been pretty impossible to sleep through all of that, I tried! lol So I decided to just start getting up and well one thing led to another and I found myself actually liking it. I was getting to work earlier and getting a jump on things without anyone being in the office. Even on the weekends I am getting up earlier. There is something about the morning…it is new and quiet. It is a new day starting and coming to life.
I feel like I have gotten more done in those mornings than I have in a long time and I feel more calm. I gently come into the day and don’t feel as groggy. This morning I was up at about 4:30am…I just couldn’t fall back to sleep. So I did some journaling and then decided to get Roscoe and go on a walk him & I. We hadn’t done that in a long time and I decided that I just wanted to take in some early morning air before it got too hot! I was so happy that I took that time for me and to just chill. It was so nice to walk downtown and get my coffee and then spend some time by the river. Roscoe loved it too!  I took this picture because I just loved the stillness and barely there sunlight.




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