today was a rough day…I am not sure what it was. Not enough sleep, stressful at work….so I knew the signs right away of a time when I was vulnerable. I was too….I felt myself being drawn into the junk food ridden kitchen. I didn’t eat any but I was close. There are 3 things I do when I am stressed out; eat, shop or cry.
I was frustrated at work and had already had a small cry…ps while taking a walk around our building to try and relieve some of it. So when I got off work I knew that I was at a vulnerable moment of what to do next. I decided to go spend some Kohl’s cash I had and I just wandered around the store for a bit. On the way there I ate an apple to quell the hunger so I wasn’t thinking about food. As I was wandering I knew that when I went home I would still be tempted to eat so I knew that I needed to think of something to do instead of just sitting there. So I decided that when I got home I would do a dance workout. It was fun and different and got my heart rate going. After I did it my mind seemed clearer and I was able to make a healthy dinner and then do some other tasks. So I think the key here is distraction. I was able to fight the urges and walk and dance it off. It wasn’t easy…there was a few minutes where I just wanted to be soothed.
I found this the other day in my Instagram feed and it fits perfectly with my thoughts today. I had to dig deep….and made it to the other side….a new day!!!



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