but not the down you think!!! I am down 5.8 pounds this week!!! wooohoo!!! It has been interesting this time, I am more into it. More excited. Actually believing the people when they say I can do it. It really is like that light has flipped in my head. Somehow I had my a-ha moment and I didn’t even really know I had!!!

a good friend and co-worker of mine reminded me of something one of our favorite authors said “Have No Plan B, Set The Weight (in my case), Set the Date. Real Artists Ship” That is by a very awesome blogger and author Mr. Seth Godin. Did you understand what he was saying there? When it comes to a journey that you really want to accomplish….do NOT have a Plan B…..do you know why? It gives you an out? Because usually that Plan B is a little easier than the original, might even be totally different. Did God have a Plan B? No because he decided to stick it out and see everything through no matter how tough it was.

so I will continue on my Plan A….and I won’t even think about a Plan B because you know what….I am WORTH Plan A!!!!




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