Start Day 4

yay me! I am actually going to post on time tonight! Remember my goal is to post every day for these 24 days of the Start challenge. To be perfectly honest I don’t really know what to write about tonight so I thought I might write about my process for writing these posts. I have two kinds of posts; the random and the thought out.
The random is what it sounds like….I have been thinking about something or have gotten mad about something and I can sit down and just have a brain puke about it all over the keyboard. The thoughts come easily and pretty much flow together in what seems to make sense 🙂 The thought out are usually a bit more topical and are things that I have read about or heard and have “stowed them away” for later. I usually make notes in my phone about them and when I sit down to write I look at those notes. I can’t always write about them, sometimes I am just not in the mood for whatever topic I have notes on, like tonight I have about 3 things written down but I am just not quite there to write about them. I try to write in a stream and don’t stop too much and then go back and make edits, I feel like you get better raw feelings that way.
I have some people ask me how I can write about the personal stuff. The way I look at it maybe someone will learn from what I write. Maybe someone has a similar experience to mine but the feel alone. I want them to know they aren’t. We are made to be storytellers and that is exactly what I am doing. So that is basically  my process….I love writing and hearing the feedback. It makes my day.

I have to leave you with a song tonight…..you know my love of music and I am totally digging this tune lately!!!


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