Start Day 3 (late posting)

uh oh!! This technically is not Day 3!!! Yesterday was another crazy day so here I am. Work has been really intense lately and this is where my downfalls usually happen. I am a tried and true emotional/stress eater and when the intensity level is up at work so is my stress level. I have been putting in easily about 11 hour days….for a job that I don’t always love. Right now, I am telling myself it is for the experience which I do think it is…but I think that is a whole other blog topic. What we are doing at work lately is talking a lot about culture and our “brand”. When our new owners came on board about 2 years ago they were quite shocked at both of those because they were quite toxic so they set out to change it. First, kind of slowly with some basic changes but now they are delving into some radical ones which have been needed for years. As a reader and natural-born researcher I have been doing a lot of that on brand…since this does directly fall into my job title I thought I should know about it 😉
Most people when they think of brand they think of something that might represent the brand…like the Nike swoosh or the Golden Arches for McDonald’s. Those are just the images the shell of a brand so to speak but really the actual brand is what is under that image. What they bring to the table. Like Amazon and their crazy fast shipping. Zappos and their return policy to and from so you can try on the shoes. Those things are what make the brand.
When I was doing some reading I came across someone who used the term “humbination” when referring to a brand. Now you are probably like is that even a word? Well kind of…. Humbination= Fierce Ambition + Genuine Humility. I thought that was a really cool term. And now you are probably wondering where I am going with this….you didn’t come to read about brand and marketing. I was thinking the other day about my past tries with making a healthy lifestyle change, think of that as the product I want to market. In the past I have always gone out and made a great image on the outside….I go and buy new workout clothes, shoes, gadgets to help me lose weight….whatever it takes to make it look good. In looking back though what have I really brought to the table to back up that brand? I certainly didn’t have Humbination when it came to it either. A lifestyle change takes being a bulldog everyday….attacking it with that fierce ambition but it also means that some days you are going to suck at it. It means that when you do have great successes you have to keep being that bulldog and be humble about it, knowing in your heart that one step off track and you will be back at the start.
So I have a sign in my office at work, not only to remind me that same thing for work stuff but also for this lifestyle change because it affects both. Are you going to have some Humbination today?


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