:instant relief:


Start Day 2

In the past today would have been “one of those days”. It was stressful and busy at work, I was tired today, there is things going on with people around me. Typically I would throw up my hands and say oh I “deserve” (insert bad food choice here). Somehow that would make me feel better when in reality the next day or a few days from now it would probably be making me feel like crap. Instant relief. We all want instant relief and look for it in different ways. Some people smoke, eat, drink…some unfortunately turn to drugs. Those all leave behind addictions though and can take years to fight. Sometimes they lose the fight before overcoming it and if you have lived with someone with an addiction it is the hardest thing to watch.
So back to today…I didn’t subconsciously think at the time how it was stressful and busy and crazy. I just tried to stay focused. It wasn’t until later tonight that I thought wow that was a crazy day and I made it through while staying on plan. Even with the evil work kitchen with all the goodies calling my name. Maybe…just maybe my mind really is in the right place this time. It is a small victory but a victory still the same and they add up. It was a relief to me that I could go through a day and do what I needed to do for me in a healthy way.


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