Start Day 1

As I wrote about yesterday, I am drawing that line in the sand and deciding to start a new life when it comes to losing weight. For those that have battled with their weight for most of their lives they will understand that it is more than the diet and eating. Someone will usually say to you “just stop eating those things”, if only it was that easy. Usually there is so much more underlying the actual act of eating. As I said it is a fear, a fear of succeeding and what really is at the other end. I had a friend post a comment on Facebook on my blog post from yesterday and what he said made such perfect sense “You see, me without my crutch is me without excuses and bullshit, which is a dangerous thing because then it is fully my responsibility and there are so many other stupid decisions in my life I have made based upon those crutches, etc.” Not only is it a crutch for me, the results of being overweight have become my crutches….headaches, body aches, etc. They have stopped me from living my fullest life.

I read something the other day and it said “Love is a behavior in which we choose to walk” It got me to thinking about other behaviors in which we choose to walk. The smart decisions of eating better on this journey and moving more, those are choices to make, a behavior in which to walk. What do you choose? What behavior do you need to walk better in?


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