if you read my last post, you know that I am still struggling with the whole weight thing. Well I am here to draw the line in the sand ONCE AND FOR ALL. It is hard to explain why all these years this has been an issue for me but it has and ultimately it has been a fear. A fear to succeed. That sounds silly right? It may but it is my reality and I own it but I am also ready to leave it behind. I have a tattoo on my back of Chinese Kanji lettering that says “respect the past, create the future” because I do respect what has happened but I am ready to create a better future for myself. Heck, I am ready to create a better present.

So here I am….at the START. I refuse to call it a re-start or renewal, this is a fresh slate. No scores from the past defeats will be kept and I will keep my eye on the prize. I have called in reinforcements to be on my team; WeightWatchers to help with the food and eating, my best friend who just lost 77 pounds on WW and is inspiring the crap out of me because we have battled this together our entire lives and a little challenge from Mr. Jon Acuff called The Start Experiment. That I think will help me with some emotional parts of it in the forms of blogging and social media posting and you never know….may even Start my dream of writing a book.

So there you have it….let’s get this party started!!!




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