:material world:


my mom had a garage sale this weekend….well I should say she attempted to have a garage sale this weekend since the weather didn’t quite work in her favor. One thing about garage sales….people buying other people’s junk. Does it make sense? Not only that they talk you down on something marked 50 cents….sometimes it is really frustrating when you have worked so hard to set up and price all the stupid junk. Anyway, back to the rained out garage sale….it was decided ahead of time by me really that anything that wasn’t sold was going to Goodwill. Really, because I was not allowing my mom to have another one because it is just too much work. So today we packed everything off to Goodwill. When I drove up the line to drop-off stuff was 8 cars deep. While it’s Saturday and the weekends are probably busier the first thought that came to my head was “Man, we have a lot of junk” I don’t take myself out of this group by the way. I think it is pretty sad that we really are a disposable society.

My next stop was the pharmacy for a new prescription pick up. My doctor had warned me that they would be a rather expensive pill and I do have insurance thank goodness. What shocked me is the amount they show that you would pay if you didn’t have insurance….$853 for a months supply. I was shocked. What has our healthcare system and drug industry come to when medications are that expensive? What if someone didn’t have insurance? There is no way they could pay that much, so basically they wouldn’t be able to take the medication and get help. It’s out of control!

I wish as a society we could learn that it isn’t all about the material things. Who has the most or the best. Trust me when I say I need to learn this lesson as well. I have my little obsessions that I think I “need” when really I probably don’t. I think the next time though I might really think about that line at Goodwill and even the full car that I had that included some of my own things.




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