ahhh another year older. This one was kind of tough for me it was like hitting a hump in the hill. A little wake up call I guess and I know that most people think age is just a number…..and I would probably agree. Still it hurt. Because I am a June baby it makes me a Gemini. Now I am not all about the astrological signs to where I have my charts read and all that business, but I do believe that they really are pretty close when it comes to personalities. The Twins represent the Gemini because they include a little yin & yang. They usually see both sides of a story with practicality. They like to talk and learn about people and places but even though they have intellectual minds they rationalize forever and a day. They can be wishy washy which suggests they have a mutable quality and can go with the flow. What this also means though is that they get into a lot of things that can also lead to a lack of follow-through. I mean seriously can this sound any more like me?
When I was talking the other day in therapy about follow-through and why sometimes I just have things that I can’t or won’t see through. I talked about how I even know that some of the things are bad for me and I still choose to do them over good. My therapist said I was very paradoxical. I had to think about that for a minute. A paradox is basically a contradictory statement that proves to be true. ie: standing is more tiring than walking. For me, when it comes to say a bad food choice when I am in the middle of an emotional moment I think I deserve it and I eat it knowing that down the line it is going to harm me. Then I am depressed because I am overweight and don’t feel good. It is that vicious paradoxical circle. The more we talked about it the more it made sense to me and it got me to thinking about the whole Gemini thing. In a way the twins of the Gemini being the yin and yang are very paradoxical. They contradict each other, the good and the bad.  


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