Sometimes in life you get signs showing you which way to go. No I’m not talking about the obvious ones like the STOP signs or the street signs we come in contact with everyday. The signs we “see” or “feel” telling us maybe which guys to date or which job to choose. Those types of signs. Sometimes I think the signs are clearer than others, or maybe it is that they become clearer faster than the others. Lately, I need a whole bunch of signs. As my therapist said last week I am in a decision-making period of my life. Which can be a good thing and a bad thing….because with decisions comes also choices and sometimes those can be hard. They can mean big change. They can mean leaving your safety zone, you know the one you have known for years with the people and the place you call “home”.
The thing is that place or those people can change and it is ok to accept that you are changing as well. With that acceptance though means that you need to take steps to decide what to do about it. You can become complacent, which I can admittedly be pretty good at, or you can decide to do something about it. Back to that thought about the signs being clearer…sometimes it can take time to see those signs, or more it can take time for the final sign to become clear enough to make the decision. I have been struggling with something for months. It is a pretty big decision and not one that I wanted to take lightly or make with haste. It was one though that was heavy on my heart. I even took a step back from being involved in this activity so I could try to get a better perspective. Sometimes, you are too wrapped up in the activity or environment and you need to take yourself out of it to better understand what is going on. Your thoughts and mindset can be jaded by being part of it. Taking a step back for me was the best thing I could do, first because I really just needed a break from the time I was putting in. I also just needed to be a “spectator” so to speak, to see and hear and feel for myself again.  There really is only two ways this can go….either it is going to give you great clarity as to why you SHOULD be a part of whatever it is…..or it is going to give you great clarity as to why you SHOULDN’T. Sometimes it might take a certain event to put the nail in the coffin so to speak. This is basically what happened to me….funny generally when I make a decision this is usually what happens. There is some final “thing” that happens. Maybe I should think about making the decision before I get to that huh? That’s ok though, I think that ultimately God has a plan for everything and we learn from every single event and decision. He is really the one giving us all those signs…. it’s just us humans that choose to ignore them sometimes.


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