so as I read my post from yesterday and got some feed back it may have seemed as I was leaving it as an all or nothing kind of thing. While some of that may be true it wasn’t fully my intention. I left that post kind of already knowing the choice I was going to make….I know I was like a writer in a soap opera leaving you hanging!!
So I have decided that I need to up my game so to speak. The food has to get in line with the working out and well the working out has to be stepped up as well. While, I hate to admit it the one way I am going to get in line with the food is to track better. Luckily, we have sooooo many tools available out there that can work with my iphone & ipad!! That pleases the geek in me! I have heard and talked to a lot of people about the website My Fitness Pal, which is a FREE website where you can track food, exercise, etc. There is also an online community where you can chat with others and such. It takes your current info and your goals and tells you what your calories needs to be each day to do that. So I set everything up and have gotten started with my tracking. That is step 1!
Next step is upping the working out game. Going to continue working out with my trainer twice a week but then I need to add to it and I want to commit to 3 additional days on my own. I am excited because my gym added on an addition which included a studio for classes so I can do some of those. I have also decided in all of this to give myself an incentive. Something I have always wanted to do but have said I needed to wait…well I am tired of waiting. I don’t want to give away the incentive just yet. Let’s just say my 35th birthday is coming up in June and until then this weight & fitness thing is game on! photo(40)


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