this really isn’t my normal post but it is something that is going on in my world 🙂
I have had to think in the past couple of months about whether or not I want to stay in my apartment or move to a new place. I have officially been in my own little place a year and I really do like it. It has it’s minor drawbacks but all in all it has been perfect for me and Roscoe. Things were going great until this past December when the owner of the house sold it and we have gotten a new landlord. On the outside he seems to be a nice guy but he is going to be making some changes come April that I am not too sure about and the more I talk to him and learn about his personality I don’t quite get the best feeling. So I decided to put the feelers out for a new place, including possibly living with a roommate. I had a lot going against me….I had a pretty tight budget I wanted to stay in and I wanted to stay in the same area, plus I have the dog. I did look at a few places but nothing was really coming up and the roommate thing wasn’t working out. So the more I thought about it I decided to just stay put and hope that this new landlord is going to be ok.
So with that being said I continued on this weekend with some major cleaning and “nesting”. I finally, yes finally got a couch that I like!!! Everyone who knows me is literally screaming with joy that I will now stop whining about my couch. So this weekend consisted of moving my living room around and getting the new couch in. I have also been working in my kitchen to decorate the walls and such. I am still working on a window treatment and tablecloth which I hope to show off soon. Here are some pics of what I did (along with a ton of laundry and cleaning!!)

new little picture I bought…and I LOVE!! haha…yes pun intended! Just have one more small kiddo pic to hang to the right of it

New living room layout with new couch 🙂 IMG_2473

Up close on the couch & my most favorite paintings by a very talented artist from The OrchardIMG_2474

Just bought the new little basket hanger and yellow vase (dang you Anthro for being so cute!)IMG_2475

So here is the story on this. This spot is above my sink cabinets and was this awkward space with a weird empty outlet of some sorts. It bothered me forever. So this frame with wire in it sat in my garage I guess from the previous owner and I was like hmmm what could I do with that. So one day I slapped some white paint on the frame and brought it upstairs but still couldn’t really decide what to do. When Kristen & I took at trip to Urban Farm Girl about a month ago I found those adorable letter cards and I made the banner and the rest of the idea just started forming. I just finished all of it up this weekend. I might add more as I find little stuff. Who knows!


This is the spot behind my stove…kind of awkward. And since I don’t cook all that often I kind of wanted to make it decorative. Found that lunch box at Urban Farm Girl and have just kind of rotated pieces around it but I am liking this combo best so far. IMG_2477

I don’t know if you remember these from a few months ago where I am hiding an ugly telephone jack and wire across the wall but I have updated them a bit and added the hanging basket. IMG_2478

So that is my tour right now 🙂 I am having fun and one thing I am learning in decorating is to not rush. Sometimes it takes awhile to find that perfect something….whether it be a couch, a frame or a vase. You just gotta keep looking!


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