:40 Days:

As we enter this season of Lent everyone usually talks about what they are giving up. Coming from a childhood where I grew up Catholic and this was somewhat forced upon you I have pretty much ran away from this tradition as an adult. It could be because I didn’t really understand it….give up chocolate why? Give up swearing for what reason? (yeah I know shouldn’t even be doing that one anyway) In my most simplest ways of looking at it you give something up at lent to prepare for Easter, some might say it also a way to purify yourself before being re-born. Wow…heavy stuff for just giving up chocolate huh? All kidding aside though, this is a discipline for learning self-control. To better identify with what Christ went through and His sufferings.
This year I have been thinking a lot about what is going on in my life and choices I am trying to make and the other day it hit me of what I need to practice self-control over. As my last post talked about I am working down a healthier road and I need to cut out sugar, which for the most part I have done….except for one very BIG spot….my Starbucks coffee. Most of you just outwardly gasped right there because you thought “oh she can’t be thinking that” Yes folks it is true, for the next 40 days I will not be having Starbucks coffee drinks. In fact I have already made it since Saturday 🙂 There are several reasons why this is an area that I need to give up and I kind of look forward to looking back on this 40 days from now to see the results of those areas.


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