:fear-part 1:

first of all….Happy 100 Posts to my little blog here….that number really should be higher but hey…it is what it is.

So two weeks ago I had a HUGE a-ha moment at work. We had a meeting on a Monday afternoon and there were some emails flowing back and forth that night about the meeting and some other things going on. There were some things said in the email that just finally clicked with me. I don’t even really know for sure what it was, there were a couple of comments and words in particular that I didn’t like. See in 2013 the bosses really want me to step away from the operation side of things and move towards the marketing side almost 100%. In reality, we have been trying to make this happen for about the last 6 months but things kept coming up and well…I kept getting in the way. What I finally realized is that when it comes down to it I am fearful of this change. Why? Because I don’t know marketing like the back of my hand. I am still learning and there is going to be an element of unknown. I have to step way out of my comfort zone on some things and even work closer with people that I really have trouble working with. If you know me, you know that things being “out of control or unknown” scares the crap out of me. In talking to my BFF the other day about this she brought up a good point (as she usually does), she said “when you started in ops you didn’t know that either” Well hello isn’t that the truth! So I have to put aside this fear and just DO this thing…thank you Nike for coming up with the greatest slogan ever. I was reading another blog I follow and stumbled upon a post I am pretty sure should have been addressed “Dear Tracy” it was about What Future are You Living Into. Interesting concept huh? Well there was a part that stuck out to me:

If we look ahead with doubtful eyes and question what’s coming our way, always keeping one eye on what we’re leaving behind and not fully trusting in the perfect, Divine unfolding of our lives, we will feel crappy, helpless and stressed. Because of our human nature and survival instincts, this is the default.
If, on the other hand, we look ahead with faith and believe that it’s going to be great, that the future holds so much opportunity for us, that the life we truly desire is coming our way, that there is Grace in the changes we’re facing and that life is happening for us, we will feel good, empowered and excited. It’s a simple choice but it requires great awareness and consistent practice to stay present to the possibilities in moments of uncertainty.
If you want to read the whole post go HERE

I really couldn’t have said that any better though. Instead of being freaked out and keeping one foot in things I am supposed to be letting go of just for comfort, I need to leap forward and give myself some grace to learn and grow in this new role.



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