:choice #1:

ahhh….choices choices….isn’t it fantastic that we have choices to make every single day…every single hour…every single minute? Sometimes too many….but haven’t we actually fought for those choices? The choices we forget about though are the ones that we tend to automatically make or that we feel we should make because that is what expected. As I started to think about some concrete things that I wanted to choose to change I instantly went to my dating life. Well really I should say my so-called dating life because really there isn’t much. In 2012 I really didn’t have any real dates. That actually makes me sad…and kind of freaks me out.
Part of the issue though is where I am putting myself out there…that would be pretty much nowhere. I am on some dating sites…but they are the free ones which pretty much attracts all the losers with a suitcase full of drama and guys looking for one thing. I would spend hours scouring those sites…sending messages….even having some conversations with people and then it just go so wrong. Some of the stories are actually pretty funny looking back….but it gets tiring. I need to use my time better and honestly there are some mean guys out there too. The ones who don’t send nice messages and make extremely rude comments….that is just not emotionally healthy. So today I totally deleted my accounts….not disabled because that makes it too easy to jump back…but totally deleted. I have to find better outlets to put myself out there and in the meantime use my time more positively.


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