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well hello 2013 boy did you sneak up on me….ok maybe not really but kind of. Seems like a new year comes quicker and quicker every year. I know realistically that isn’t possible since there are still 365 days between each year but it just seems like those days go so fast. So this is usually the time of year that everyone does their resolutions and I am no different. The New Year allows you to clear your head. The holidays are over and there is space before the next “big event” So in that space we can quiet ourselves and look inside. I have actually been doing this for the last few weeks….I haven’t been very active on any social media or this blog, yes I have been busy but the mind has been going. There has been A LOT going on. if you have followed this blog or my old one you know that every year I do as a lot of us in the blogosphere do and choose a word that we want to have as like a “theme” for the year. It all started with one of my favorite bloggers Ali Edwards. You can learn more about it here. So last year my word was reset, which for some things I did pretty good at and others well still need work on….but that is ok I accept that I am a continual work in progress.
So a few weeks ago I was doing dishes, which by the way I really loathe, and my eyes drifted to a picture I have in my kitchen over the stove. It is this….

img-thing:We Tend to Seek Happiness, When Happiness is Actually a Choice:

My eyes kept drifting and settling on the word choice. In the days following every time I would pass by I would read it and linger on the word choice. I think for some things in my life I have gotten passive, comfortable or just plain lazy. I may have gotten the mindset that this has happened to me and there is nothing I can do about it. While the practical side of me knows that isn’t true sometimes the heart and emotional side just win out. They get tired…and sad…and lonely….but I have to be stronger than that and make a CHOICE to change whatever it is. I already have some very concrete things in mind and I will be sharing them over the next few days…that is no lie…you will see me around here more because one of the choices I am making is to get back into my writing. I need to do it…and not run from it.

So there is my word for 2013 peeps…Choice…you should pick one too!


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