:losing and water:


remember last night when I asked that question at the end of my post about what you would for something you were passionate about? Well here’s a little story…it all started late last week when a friend of mine I call lbo (el-bo) put out some tweets about a project he had in his head. Now knowing lbo and a project that I am already involved in with him I knew that it could be good. Then the tweets started talking about websites and launching this project by Monday (5 days away!) and I was like whoa what is lbo up to! He started putting out pleas for exercise equipment to borrow and help with some graphic design work both of which I could help out with. So I said Hey lbo whatcha got going on and then he let me in on his little project. Which at first listen was a very cool concept but then after hearing it more it was a fantastic plan….and it was already bringing people together. It’s amazing how just putting out a few tweets and facebook posts you can really get some things going…just imagine what we could do with what lbo was thinking. And so I got on board….not only with helping him with some of the logistical stuff but also deciding to become a “loser” What a better way to challenge myself right now to lose a few pounds and in the process do something as a community of people for the greater good….isn’t that what life should be about??

So go here….check it out…learn about lbo…and the story behind the charity of where the funds go.





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