:are u still there:


two months….am I in trouble with you blog land? I really don’t have too many excuses….the last couple of months have been quite exhausting emotionally….I’m still trying to get over the hump but definitely feeling better. There were a couple of times that I thought about writing because there was for sure topics to be talked about but some were just too personal and sometimes I felt like people might’ve been just a little too scared of what was in my head….yup it was that ugly. So here I am….better thoughts in my head and trying to find some balance in my life  so that I can have more time to write as well.

so some good things to come this week on the good old blog….and I leave you with a question. Are you so passionate about something that you would do something radical in your life? Challenge yourself for the good of the cause? I’m interested in hearing your answers….

as usual I must leave you with a song….


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