:crafty times-dog bed:


so Roscoe has been needing a new dog bed and I have been annoyed by what’s out there. First of all they are so expensive its insane and secondly none really go with my decor. I know it sounds insane but I wanted a cute looking bed that would be comfy for him and wouldn’t look like a typical dog bed. Oh and did I mention that I don’t sew so it had to be something where I didn’t have to sew. So enters Pinterest (of course!) I found a couple of options and then put them together and came up with this….

So I bought some fleece that worked with my color scheme. Cut the sides so that I could tie knots and away I went. When I had two sides done I turned it inside out. I knew that if I had more than one side of the knots exposed Roscoe might get the wrong idea of this being a toy instead of a bed. I stuffed it with 2 standard pillows and then some extra stuffing. I knotted the last side and then cut the excess pretty close. I think he likes it….


One thought on “:crafty times-dog bed:

  1. Nancy says:

    One suggestion, I’ve made similar beds. Take some matching yarn and a long needle and put the yarn through and knot it, like a tied quilt. This will keep your “stuffing” from shifting so it doesn’t get all bunchy in one place. I love the fleece you used. Good job!

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