:crafty times-kitchen canvas:

I got it in my head that I wanted to work on some craft projects this weekend. I’ve had this one problem area in my kitchen that I haven’t been able to figure out what to do with. A few months ago I had bought several canvas’ that were on clearance. I had no interest in what was on them, I only wanted them for the canvas…they are expensive ya know!! These were only $5 on clearance! So this started out as cover up ugly spot on kitchen wall. There was an old style telephone jack in the middle of the wall and while that isn’t bad enough I have to actually use the jack as a outlet for my internet and the modem which has to sit on top my fridge. So the cable cuts across the wall.
So I was determined to some how at least distract from the cable. First thing I did was switch it out with a more neutral color cable, thanks AT&T for providing me with a bright green one but I think I’ll pass. Now…back to the canvases…in my many hours of surfing Pinterest I found some ideas about covering the canvases with paper or fabric or even just painting. I hadn’t really found any fabric that was jumping out at me so I was still thinking about what to do. On Friday, I had to take a trip to my favorite scrapbook store to return some extra stuff from a previous project. When I walked in and saw the new line from Basic Grey I was a goner and it was PERFECT for the kitchen project!! I love Basic Grey and have been a fan of theirs from the start!!!
Once I got the paper ideas just started coming together. I had thoughts of having like a memo board kind of thing where I could hang little sayings or pictures or something….but have it be really cute and decorative. I knew when I got the first one done that it wasn’t going to be enough so I had another small one and I did that too, I am hoping to find a cool quote or print to hang on it but for right now it is ready to go! It still was feeling empty so I added one more smaller frame with some of the paper and a quote in it…it is not exactly what I want there but until I find that perfect little something this will do. I was determined to use stuff I had in the house!!



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