:dare you to move:

Been a lot of things lately that have pointed me towards the thoughts of stories and legacy. My story and my legacy. A few weeks ago we talked about this at church and I was completely moved by this statement:

Take that in for a second….re-read it if you need to because it is a tough one to swallow…mostly because it is so true. We all have a story, something that has gotten us to this point in our lives. Some of the lucky ones may have had an easier path, others of us have had a path of pain and heartache. I would go as far to say that with either path there are times when all you want to do is BE. To just live the life you have going on and not make waves. That would be ok….but is that really what God would want for us? Is that what we want for ourselves? To just me mediocre? I think right now in my own life I am in the middle…there are parts of me that just want to live a pretty standard life but there are other parts that are screaming to make a difference. In this same talk a few weeks ago it was also said that we shouldn’t buy into the thought that out lives are meant to be comfortable. Our lives are meant to have some messiness, some ups & downs….but most of all we are supposed to DO something with our lives. Are we all going to be rockstars? Famous actors? Authors? Nope…but be a rockstar in your own way. The above statement is scary to me…I want the life of meaning but you know what that means? I am going to have to step out of my comfort zone and make some waves. So go ahead…I dare you…move, laugh, be, change, live, love and then tell about it!!

I have always loves this song and felt that it fit really well!!!


One thought on “:dare you to move:

  1. Great post. I am right there with you. Love this song too! What do you feel called to make a difference in? What are your passions? Look to things in the past that you have always done, and sometimes you will find an answer there.

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