:ticket for one:

So be honest…you see someone alone at the movie theater or in a restaurant and you think “oh poor thing” he/she must be lonely or got stood up or a hundred other reasons that you come up with. While sometimes that may be true, other times it is just a person who wants to enjoy that activity and they happen to be by themselves. Up until yesterday I was more in the “judging” crowd of why are they here by themselves? If you have read any of my posts the past few months you have learned that going to the movie by myself was in my mind a terrifying experience. Hard to believe I have gone 34 years without seeing one on my own huh? Well I had been challenged by my therapist to see one by the next time I saw her….which was today. So the last couple of weeks it has been on my radar of things to do. I was going to do it earlier in the week and things got in the way….that or I was making excuses. Well Friday rolls around and I have no choice but to go. Luckily, we were let out of work early and I found a theater that had the movie I wanted to see playing in the next half hour. So I got my stuff together and hurried to the theater. Walking in and buy the ticket was the most nerve wracking…my anxiety was through the roof. I kept going, pushing through it, got some popcorn and found the theater. Luckily one of my favorite seats was open so I settled in. The first few minutes were still a bit anxious but then the movie got going and the laughing helped.
For someone who has dealt with anxiety for many years, I know most of the time the anxious thoughts are multiplied by 1000 % in our minds and that the actual thing that is going on is not as bad as it seems. And afterwards you look back at the situation and think…geez why was I so worried? Well that is pretty much how I felt walking out after the movie was over. Even thinking to myself that I would do that again….which is good considering I challenged myself to go to two this month!
So what is my next challenge….well I’m still putting that one together….but I will continue to challenge myself to get out of my box and feel ok with saying “ticket for one”!



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