:finish challenge:

From an outsiders view I might seem to have it all together…with even a slight touch of OCD…ok maybe a little more than slight. I have certain things that I am very regimented about how they are done. They make fun of me at work because when the water bottle is changed the label on the bottle must face the front and centered. Everyone is like that right? So to the untrained eye I probably wouldn’t have projects that are unfinished right? WRONG!
My best friend can attest that I am the queen of starting projects and not finishing them. Now in my defense, they aren’t projects that mean I am going to lose my job or make people upset. Usually they are craft projects or something around the house or sometimes self-imposed digital projects. What spurred this post tonight was that I was cleaning up a closet that I have in my living room. It’s kind of my hodge podge closet…it stores some general stuff but it also houses all my crafts and projects in progress. It kinda made me mad going through it because there were things in there from months ago. Some canvas that I had bought to do some wall art. My knitting projects from class. I really need to dig deep about why I seem to not finish these projects. It doesn’t seem right for someone who has these project lists and due dates for other things to just let these things go. And maybe some of you are like who cares…they are just fun projects and while that is true, I wanted to do them at some point for a reason. You know? I spend hours sometimes on blogs and Pinterest looking for cool things to do when I can’t even finish the ones I have. So you know what this means?? Challenge time!! Tomorrow is July 4th, so hard to believe that summer is going that fast and that means it is technically half way through. My challenge is to have all my unfinished projects done by Labor Day!! Below is a list and I also want to try to finish them without buying a lot of new supplies…because I have a ton of those too!!

-Wall Art Canvases, I have 2 each of 2 different sizes. I want to make something for the living room & something for the kitchen
-Knitting Project, I never really finished one of my knitting projects from class. So I am determined to at least finish one. Plus I need to get my practice back on before winter hits!!
-A paper craft project that I don’t really want to tell more about since it is for someone who reads this blog!
-Printing some new photos to fill empty frames I have around my apartment
-Printing some instagram photo’s for an album project I have been working on

I really think this is attainable and I hope to post some progress along the way!! Keep me accountable!!


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