:monthly visual july:

so I decided that I need to try something new. I actually follow several bloggers who come up with this each month and I think it’s a great idea. Basically a visual board of some goals or motivations for the month. I like that it can be as simple or as complex as you want it. I am a very visual person…I like those reminders right in front of me…heck why do you think I have a tattoo right on my arm? So anyway here is my visual board for July…

1) Music….there are some bands playing out this month of people I know that I am excited to go check out. Plus there is some cool things happening musically at The Orchard including a really cool guest we are having towards the end of the month. Music is very therapeutic for me and so I want to keep that a big part of my life this month.
2) The movie theater…I am bound and determined to see 2 movies by myself this month. If you have read any earlier posts of mine you know why this is important.
3) Reading! You know that this is a big hobby for me….but this month I really want to focus on some “real” books and not just my fictional for fun books. I have a few set aside starting with Love Does which I hear is amazing.
4) A baby girl is making her appearance really soon and I am super excited to be an Aunt again and get some snuggle time in.
5) Writing more!!! I find that when I am writing and blogging I am at my happiest so it just needs to happen more. I am putting a schedule in place for myself and I want to stick by it!


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