Ahhh the last and probably most important last part of the “P” series. Patience. Breathe in that word and let it out. Patience…the ability to just BE in the present. To listen, share, love, work, learn…all in the present moment. To wait and then react. This is not an easy thing for me…heck I really don’t think it is easy for anyone. Just look at our society…we want everything NOW….in an instant.
Patience is something we try to instill to the kids in our lives. Think about it…. They want that snack or toy and they want it now. We get frustrated with them because we just need them to be patient. Now turn that around on my own life… I am inpatient. I want things done sooner than later. I want things to happen in my life. I wonder how frustrated God is with me because I am acting like that child who wants the toy now. Instead of waiting and listening I pout. That’s a tough thing to admit but it’s true. Next week I will celebrate my birthday. I am so far off from the timeline that I “thought” I should be on. Again I am pouting. I find it ironic of myself that I tell other people God has a plan, He knows best, yet I’m don’t listen to my own advice.
Patience is hard but what in life is “easy”? When you work hard for something don’t you feel more accomplished? I feel that must be the same way when you patiently wait for something or someone.


One thought on “:P3-Patience:

  1. Learning to wait on God, and allow him to direct my paths, vs. getting what I want, has been one of the hardest lessons I’ve learned. But, what I have learned is that God’s way is always better. It just doesn’t always happen in our timeline that we want. Hang in there! Learning to be in the moment is something that changes everything. Happy early birthday!

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