oh yes peeps….part 2 in the “P” series is a word that is becoming more and more of my daily vocabulary. Interestingly enough it is the word “Paradigm” Here is what is means:

  1. A typical example or pattern of something; a model.
  2. A worldview underlying the theories and methodology of a particular scientific subject

so why has this become a part of my daily world? Well we have some new owners of the business that I work for they have been with us for about a year. My direct boss is getting her Phd in something like “Business Leadership Theory” or something like that. So about 3 months ago she started saying to us “we need a paradigm shift in this business” Now for some of us that have been there for many many years, this thought was terrifying. Change to them is an evil word. For me I was like finally someone realizes that things need to change. Some of it has been environmental, processes done differently, people changes…but what she really wants is a cultural change. That is the more tough one because it means people have to change their attitudes and maybe the ways they do things. So for her it has been a bit of a battle. We are still working on the paradigm shift and I know it will happen because she is very serious about making it happen. That it must happen for the company to really succeed at what we want to achieve.
So I started thinking about this theory in my own life and things going on and you guessed it…my dating life. Have you noticed a theme to the “P” series yet? Sorry…but this is what is on my mind a lot lately. So I think about what I need to do about a paradigm shift in this area of my life. I have been working on this a lot with my therapist as well. There is one shift that I have been kind of skirting around but really have been afraid to admit it to myself or outloud…so here goes. One things that I need to think about and wrap my head around and accept is that it is very well possible that God just might not have re-marriage in my cards. That possibly He just wants me to be me and share that with others in different ways. That is a tough thing for me to process because I never thought that might be the case. You know that whole “life plan” and all. So basically if I shift that mind that way I need to be happy with who that person is. Which really is just me whether or not I am with someone or not. That’s just the thing too….I need to be happy with who I am at whatever point I am at with whomever I am with (or not with). Honestly, for someone who deals with some self esteem issues this is a tough pill to swallow. Wait you mean be completely ok with my own self? In my own skin? yikes! So that’s a big shift…
The other paradigm shift that needs to happen is changing ways that I might find someone. Trying something new like doing a Meetup group or new Christian singles group or something. Honestly, these frighten me (remember the whole don’t want to go to the movies by myself thing) it is out of my box and most of the time I act like this tough girl that nothing effects but yeah this scares me. I know that I need to just do it but man I am shuffling my feet.
Just like in our business culture it is hard to change ways. Hard to realize that they stuff on the other side of that fear is probably pretty awesome. It’s getting passed that fear though and taking that first step towards the shift that is the hardest. I remember when I got my first tattoo…I was scared but very sure in what I wanted to do. the first needle prick was painful but as it kept going I got used to it and my tolerance grew….and folks I am on my way in a couple weeks to get another tattoo. The point being if you want something bad enough you will have to change and try.


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