So in the last few weeks there have been words following me around. In articles that I read, sermons I have listened to and so on. They seem to be in the front of my brain. Ironically enough they all start with the letter “P” So…I thought I would do a little series if you will on these words. First word up….perception.

Perception is a word you may or may not hear often. The definition of perception is an insight or view. Basically how you see things, people, places, or situations. Sometimes we have such a perception of things that we get stuck in that rut. Think about it…we ask questions like what do I lack, why can’t I do that or I could lose (insert dramatic statement here). I will be the first to admit that this is totally what I am doing right now. I am in stuck of the rut of thinking I will be single forever. My perspective is grim…why can’t I find anyone? What am I lacking as a person? Why won’t God just put him in my path now? We single people also have a perception put onto us by others…especially if you are an older single person (not in their 20’s). Their perception is “wow what is their problem that they can’t find someone?” or “keep someone” Then what happens is that other peoples perceptions that are thrown your way start to become your own. It is a vicious cycle people. So what do we do?

I am so glad you asked. As I said these “P” words have been thrown my way lately and seem to be sticking in my head. So a couple of weeks ago my Pastor did a sermon on perception. His first thought was an interesting formula for the ability to be proactive instead of reactive:

 “Change of Pace + Change of Place = Change of Perspective”

You could take this formula in several ways and this was my take. The first question posed was “What do I Lack?” This is usually the first question we ask right? I don’t have this so I can’t do that. I know that is my mentality most of the time. We get too focused on what we don’t have that maybe we miss what we do have? He brought up the story of Moses in Exodus, nobody believed Moses about God, they wanted him to prove it. When Moses went back to God, he said I can’t do this how am I going to prove to them you exist? I don’t have what it takes. Moses was so caught up in what he felt he was lacking he overlooked something he did have. God told him to throw down his staff and when he did it became a serpent. God told him, there is what you have for your proof. Because Moses was faithful and trusted God he was given this “tool” to use. He had to look at what he did have. No, I am not thinking that a magical staff is going to bring my future mate but I do have to have faith and believe that the qualities that God has given me will guide me to him at some point.
So then what do we ask next? Well maybe we do have what we need but we just flat out say “I can’t do that” This is going to sound silly but I am afraid of going to the movies by myself. I literally just can’t bring myself to do it. Why? Because I feel that the perception of others in the theater will be that of “oh that poor girl has no one to go to the movies with” It’s ridiculous really and in my mind I totally get that, who cares what they think? Even if I did have someone next to me it’s not like I can talk to them through the movie. So the thought it we have to shift our minds away from the weakness and move towards the strength. Maybe I would say “I am a strong independent woman and I don’t need someone sitting next to me” I could also start small…like an afternoon showing instead of a Friday night…to ease the anxiety a little. The point being..start somewhere.
The main thing that really stuck with me was this “your perception will become your reality” It’s just like they say the more you think a certain way, the more you become that way. The more I think “I am going to be single forever” the more I give off a vibe, get negative about it and then that really could be the reality of my situation. If we get stuck in those perceptions that we put upon on ourselves or the others that we start believing, we start to lose our sight on what could happen. It all goes back to faith and trust, we have to refrain those negative questions from that perspective. Remember the formula 🙂


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