:health update:

so since it has been so long, I thought I would catch you up on my health and the diet. I haven’t been juicing as much as I would like the past few weeks…one because it takes time which I haven’t been taking and second it costs a lot!! The finances have been a bit lean and I just haven’t been able to spend that much on the fresh veggies & fruit. It is really sad that junk food is actually cheaper than the healthy stuff.
However…I haven’t gone back to the junk food! I am still eliminating processed junk, carbs & sugary stuff and dairy. I haven’t had a pop in months and I am still caffeine free!! Which is really the amazing part!!
So how have I been feeling….good. The headaches overall have been minimal there has really only been one bad migraine since I have cleansed. Do I feel as good as when I was juicing…no. There is something about getting all those nutrients that just made me feel much more energetic and clear. I foresee another cleanse in the near future….


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