:cuz you gotta have friends:

Remember when you were little and you had that friend…you know the one, you did everything together, drove your parents crazy because you wanted to be over at each others house all the time. The one friend that you thought would always be there and you would grow old together…which when you were that age meant as old as 40 (gasp!) Something happened though, maybe they moved away or went to a different school. On occasion you talked but it was never the same. As a child you tend to think that those friends are going to be with you together and if that happens I think that is awesome. The reality though is that friendships can change as you grow older.
When I was living in Arizona and going through the roughest part of my life I was surrounded by an awesome group of friends. They were all grounded deep in Christ and stood by me through a rocky time.  I became very close to one of those girls and thought that she would be a lifetime friend. I remember very clearly some of those girls talking in Bible study about “seasons” of our lives. We all go through seasons…that was my dark season; my winter. People have all kinds of seasons and through those people enter into your life. Some will come and go, others will be with you through every season. It took me a long time to grasp that concept, I wanted to believe the little girl theory of being friends “until the end” but as I learned that just wasn’t possible. When I decided to move back home to be closer to my family, every single one of those girls supported me….except the one. The one that I thought would be there. Basically when I left the friendship ended, not because I didn’t try but for other reasons. I, of course was hurt, angry and confused but then I remembered the seasons. I knew that God had brought that person into my life at a particular point for a reason. Maybe it was to learn more about myself, to accept differences…whatever it was I took with me and moved on to my next season. There are just times when you can’t mend a friendship and you have to respect that and move on…like any relationship really.
Which leads me to the friends that will never leave you behind in the snowstorm. Those that will fight for your friendship, almost like a marriage. Knowing that this friendship, a relationship, will need some work sometimes. That there will be good days and bad. Times when you might not even speak.  Moments of pure joy when you are with them for the big events like marriage and childbirth. Those are the true friends….and while you may have not met them when you were little….I know that they will be with me “until the end”.

I end this post with a little dedication to my BFF Until the End….she will know the meaning 🙂

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