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Last week I took 3 days vacation from work to basically work at church…you did what?!?! Yeah that is what I got a lot of so here’s the story. Easter is a big deal at our church, heck it should be a big deal at any church I mean it is the Resurrection of Christ we are talking about…but anyway that is a whole other post! What I love about my church is that they are so creative…so this isn’t just some run of the mill service with some traditional songs and a sermon. Nope….we like to create a story…a way to lead someone through the story of this awesome event. It is done through music, art, teaching and some awesome stage set-up.
So why though would I spend basically all last week there? Well about 2 years ago I was entrusted with the role of producer for our larger services. Basically someone who oversees everything else and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Honestly I think they gave me this role because of my OCD…lol. Seriously though I have loved loved being in this role. Yes, it is a lot of work and time commitment but that all immediately goes away when you see the looks on people’s faces and hear the awesome comments. This is my ministry, this is a way that I can help people become closer to God. We don’t always think of it that way, for those of us “behind the scenes”, usually it is the Pastor that gets all the glory. Not saying he doesn’t deserve some but after watching and talking with a lot of people about church and worship I have learned that people connect spiritually in so many ways, it’s not just always the sermon. So yes, creating the “whole’ environment is something that I think is important.
It’s hard for some people to understand the relationship you have with your church and the people there. It’s another extension of family and I love hanging out with those people even if it means having rehearsal until almost 1:30am…yes you heard me right! I am fed right now by using that creativity that I don’t get to use in my everyday job. I dream of the day when I could actually do something like this full time. Until then I will be thankful that I can take some time off to live that dream for at least a few days.


2 thoughts on “:creative ministry:

  1. Very few people understand the MASSIVE amount of time, work, and energy that all of you put into making our environment what it is every weekend. You can never get enough praise in my opinion for what you all create each and every weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So blessed by all of you, and how you lead us each week. I love how you describe it as a story. It is so true. It’s one of the things that I love so much about The Orchard (in addition to all the amazing people). Keep up the great job! It is appreciated!!

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