:7 Day Wrap-Up:

Well folks I did it and lived to tell about it!!!!! I made it 7-Days on my juice cleanse. I am extremely proud of myself because I was not feeling great about it at Day 4. I just kept pushing though and I made it. I had originally said 10 days but I felt ready at 7 to be ok with introducing solid food back in and knowing it still had to be healthy. That is exactly what I have kept doing, I have basically still been juicing about 2 meals a day and having 1 “real” meal…which at this point is mainly still veggies. I am still staying off any grains, dairy or meats. Also, I have still continued with no caffeine or soda! I thought I might give my own thoughts about the journey:

-I feel great!!! I don’t own a scale but I feel like I have lost about 10 pounds and it is showing in my face & belly.
-It was easy…it wasn’t complicated to follow it and that is exactly what I needed. Complicated overwhelms me and then I get discouraged.
-I have great energy and feel very alert. I have been waking up in the morning not as groggy as before.
-After the initial few days of headaches from detoxing I have had no significant headaches! (I saw significant because we are entering allergy season and I am bound to still get some)
-I wasn’t as focused on food! Most times when I start a new way of eating I am consumed with thinking about food. This time I just drank my juice and went on with it. I felt it made it easier to adjust to not being able to eat things I might have been craving.

Honestly I didn’t feel there were many cons…
-I had to make sure I carved out time at night to juice for the following day, which wasn’t that bad but there were nights I was doing it late because I had things going on.
-I wish I would’ve hunted around more for the bigger juicer…I love my juicer but I kind of wish I would have tried to find the bigger one I wanted. It would have eliminated having to stop and clean things while trying to make a large batch.

I am so glad that I did this and the support I have gotten from everyone has been awesome. There have been a handful of people that thought I was crazy but that’s ok there are always gonna be the ones that don’t agree. I would totally do it again…and honestly probably will to keep clean. I am looking forward to continuing on the with this journey…because it isn’t over yet!!!


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