:Day 3:

Well here I am Day 3 of 100% juice….as I said in my last post it has been hard. I have felt a little better today, had a major energy boost this morning and cleaned my whole apartment. Tonight I am dragging a little and my stomach is a bit queasy. I am craving solid food….and I am not even talking fries or anything like that. I have an avocado that I would kill to eat. I have not drunk enough water today and that is probably my main issue.

So where am I going to go from here? Well….I told myself today to go until 5 days, but tonight I am questioning myself (most likely because I don’t feel great) I am going to sleep on it and see how I feel tomorrow. I already made my breakfast and morning snack juices so I am set to go. Do I consider this quitting? Heck no! Day 3 is the minimum they suggest…I have tried some extremely different juice recipes and I went from eating virtually no vegetables to ALL veg. I do not in any way see this as failure. Even if I do come off 100% juice my diet will still consist of probably 2 juices a day and one vegan meal. So there is no stopping this healthy train.
The one great thing I noticed this morning was that when I woke up, I was awake! I wasn’t as groggy as I normally am. That was a good change to see and one that I really need to keep happening. I am tired of being groggy and crabby in the morning and I really would like to see myself going into work earlier. The big challenge for sure will be work itself….we are a snacking company people. You would not believe the amount of cookies, crackers, doughnuts, etc. that we have around at almost all times.
The weather is finally getting nice around here which is awesome because I want to start taking Roscoe for some walks to start getting exercise in. I know the food thing is not gonna be the only thing I need to change đŸ™‚

So onward I go!!



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