are you ready for some juice-induced writing!!! Yes that is right I am on Day 2 of the juice cleanse. I am still in the detox phase so I have had a pretty ugly headache all day and feeling like I am a menopausal woman with the hot flashes. Doesn’t sound great…but this with some other things going on are good!! It means all the junk is getting out of my body.

Today has been pretty hard in terms of really wanting to eat real food. I was faced with some challenges of sitting next to people that ate real food while I drank my juice. It was hard…I wanted to snatch the food off their plates, but I just kept saying no and telling myself don’t turn back now. I have never ever been good with self-control…that is pure evidence of my current health state. The last couple of days I thought back to my years teaching in children’s ministry. We used a curriculum that focused on a lot of the virtues that God has given us. We taught that by doing well with these virtues we would come closer to God. One of these virtues is that of self-control. While it seems weird for me to link the two, they totally work together. I taught the kids self-control at their level; which meant no hitting your brother, no back talk, controlling your anger…things like that. As we become adults the things that we need to “self-control” are certainly different; not buying something when you don’t have the money, not eating that last doughnut…whatever it may be. If we practice self-control we not only conquer some vices we may have but we grow closer to God in our relationship. It was kind of a duh moment…because here I remember teaching this to the kids and yet I have not been practicing what I preach.
So I will continue to think about that during the rough moments over the next several days. I know there will be more of them but I am more determined this time. I feel like even more determined than any other time I have set upon something like this, mainly because I think I have changed my thinking into knowing this really is a lifestyle change that I have to do step by step.

I leave this with you:

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.  2 Timothy 1:7


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