:the heart:

you have heard the phrase “the heart want what it wants”? It has been in songs and movies. Well tonight that thought keeps going through my head. Allow me for a couple of minutes to wallow…I promise I won’t go long…

there are certain events that happen in a single persons life that makes their heart hurt…well at least my heart. Hearing that people got engaged and people having babies. Let me preface this with saying that I am happy for these people, I don’t resent them for their happiness and these events, but a little jealousy does happen…it’s natural we are humans. So tonight after hearing of 2 engagements of people I know and helping my best friend register for her baby girl….my heart is sad.
I try so hard to trust and have faith that some day that will happen to me. That God has that plan for me….but some days it is so hard and hurts so bad. I know that right now I am wallowing and throwing my own little pity party…but I just have to get this out because stuffing it in makes it worse.

just send me some good vibes….and please please don’t say “it will happen someday” or “it will happen when you least
expect it”…I know those are meant to help but they sometimes make it worse.



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