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I just got done watching a pretty fascinating documentary that has been sitting in my Netflix queue for at least a month. I kept going by it because frankly I didn’t want to face what they were talking about. I had heard about the movie on a blog that I had read and when I saw it on Netflix I was like oh good I’ll watch that…yeah that was about a month or so ago. For some reason tonight, while sitting in my cold medicine induced haze, I decided oh yeah lets watch that. The documentary is called “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” Now do you see why I wasn’t quick to watch it? Basically it is about this guy, an Australian actually, who is overweight and has an auto-immune disease. He decides that he needs to make a change and a drastic one, so he sets out on this fast. All he “eats” and drinks for 60 days is freshly made juices with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Now before I get to far into that I gotta talk about this…
The other part of his documentary is that he drove all around America and talked to people about food, diets, juicing, etc. Just everyday people in stores or restaurants or on the street. What I found interesting about them was what they would say about why they were overweight or didn’t want to diet….here were the words or statements said the most:
no self-control
I know I should but…
I’ll get around to it
I want to have it

but on the flip-side of that question was what they were tired of while being overweight:
being refered to as “the big girl or guy”
not doing everything everyone else can
being thought of as lazy
tired of the aches, pains, illness, etc.

Every statement above is probably one that has entered my mind at one time or another along with many more. I kept coming back to the term “no self-control” because that is probably one that I lean on the most. As I sat and thought about it though I realized, my having no self-control is really a crock of shit. (excuse my language) I have self-control everyday to do or not do things…I don’t ram my car into someone elses when they cut me off, I shower so that I don’t offend others around me, I choose not to read or listen to certain things, and so on. See where I am going with this? I have been looking at this food/diet/health thing all wrong…and it was something that he said in the movie. I need to get the hell out of the way of myself. Did that make sense? See for me about 80% of this block is all emotional….I have done this before…lost weight, gotten healthy, etc. So the doing is not all the problem, it is psyching myself out of the doing.
Now back to the movie a bit and his juice fasting. He went into this with a lot of knowledge and full doctor approval. The statements and facts that he had were pretty interesting. Along his journey across the US he had two people that took his “challenge” to do just a 10-day juice fast. One was a lady who suffered from migraines which instantly perked my ears up. She had not one headache during the fast or after and while she didn’t choose to keep fasting with the juice she did keep it a part of her everyday diet. The other story of this man named Phil was amazing, he was transformed not only physically but emotionally because of all the “baggage” he also lost when he lost the physical weight. I’m not saying I am going out tomorrow and starting this, you have to be prepared for any change this big. It certainly made me think about this a little bit different though.


One thought on “:open the eyes:

  1. I think that sounds amazing. And I love your perspective this time; of COURSE you know you can do it!! Let me know what you decide….these juice things always sound so great. And you know I’m obsessed with the Art of the Smoothie. : )

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