:keep going:

So remember when I talked about starting and finishing things and my goal this year was to actually finish things? Well I can safely say that I have been doing pretty well. I completed a major goal just in January by moving into my own apartment. I watched my classic movie for the month. I feel good…except for one thing. See this picture……


This is a fabulous set of Moleskin planners, one for each month. As soon as I saw them posted on one of my favorite blogs in December, I ordered them. I knew what I needed to use them for and that was basically a wellness journal I was going to call it. I have needed for a long time to start tracking some things with my health. Headaches, sugar issues, etc. So I thought these were a perfect way. They are small and fit right in my purse. See that 1st one for January sitting there? It is totally and completely empty…not one word written in it. I am disappointed in myself….BUT I am not giving up. I got out #2 tonight and instead of letting it roam around in my purse I am going to put it my bed. I am hoping that this will be a better time to carve out a couple of minutes to write down what has been going on that day.

Like Dory said in “The Little Nemo”….just keep going….




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