:louder than words:


This post has been brewing in my brain for at least a week. It is amazing to me the “ideas” I have to write about. Sometimes they pop right into my head and I get them out right away. Other times, like this one, it is something that I experienced and then kind of let settle in my brain. Well now it is escaping….finally!

Come on you know the saying….”actions speak louder than words” You probably heard that from one parent or another or maybe a teacher along the way. While it sounds so cliche it is totally and utterly true. Personally, this challenges me…because I have very expressive eyes and facial expressions. I can literally just be sitting there and someone will say “what’s wrong” It is very hard for me to hide. Body language and noises are no exception. Lately at work I have been busy…with many different things going at once and people pulling me in 10 different directions. For the most part I deal with it pretty well except for the other day. Not sure what made it any different but I was just frustrated that I couldn’t get one thing of my own done. An un-suspecting co-worker of mine chose that moment to walk in cube to ask a question. I sighed loudly, threw my pen turned around in my chair and said “what!” It was not one of my finer moments. Luckily, this co-worker knows when to call me on my crap and later in the day said please don’t ever do that to anyone again. Reminding me of how it would make me feel if someone sighed loudly and was so irritated with me being there. We forget, ok I forget, how those sighs, eye rolls, slumped shoulders….those are all ways of communication. They hurt just as much as a biting word or hurtful term. I am going to do my best to remember this the next time someone comes in my cube or interrupts what I might be doing.


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