:not alone:

Moving into my own place has given me a lot new perspective…and a lot more quiet! lol Sometimes too much quiet because then you know the mind can run in twenty different directions. In those quiet and lonely times it is sometimes hard to believe that there are others feeling the same things. The whys, what-ifs, why me type of feelings that can overtake any good feeling you might have had. It is in those times that you look and search for others that may be going through what you are. You know what? There are many of us. Through blogs, facebook and even twitter I have heard stories of other single people just trying to find their way. Some stories are more dramatic than others, some even link you so close to others it is scary. When I read these I feel some hope, when I write about it and people listen and comment it makes me feel like sharing my story can help others. It pushes me to want to explore deeper and keep fighting on this journey. Because my friends…it is a journey….
One thing that I am starting to learn more and more is that you need to be ready for “the one”. Before you say “well of course I am ready bring it on” let me explain more. Up until about 3 months ago, I thought I was in that group of saying heck yes I’m ready let’s do this. Then I had something happen that told me I wasn’t quite there yet and if I were to be truly honest with myself I would say I am still not there. That is hard to admit but through doing some soul-searching I have realized that I am not whole yet. I am still doing some patchwork I guess I will say, mending some holes and filling gaps. I am starting to believe that what they say is true about when you are 100% ready and not even really looking, that person will appear. Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t keep my options open and if a date were to come along I am sure I would say yes if it felt right….but the non-stop thought of being single just needs to leave my thought process. Somehow our world has put this connotation on being single as something that makes you worth less, that is ridiculous and something we need to not even take into our minds, it is poisonous.
Being single is really quite important. I know I can’t believe I just said that either. It allows you to find…well..you! To learn about yourself and work on things that maybe you don’t quite love about yourself. Don’t you think that is a much better way to go into a relationship anyway. What better way to give love than to be loving your own self.
So my single friends….let’s do this….together. Helping each other to become more whole individuals so we can eventually become whole partners. We are not alone 🙂



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