:goal #1 complete:


well it is official….I am back in my own place. While the last 4 years renting a place with Mom has been good, it was time to have my own space again. We were both also noticing that being together so much (home & work) was starting to put a strain on our relationship. I am looking forward to spending more quality time with her….that doesn’t involved what happened at work or did you buy toilet paper? lol.
I think it quite appropriate that I made the move now….this month will be 4 years since my divorce has been final. Amazing to me that much time has gone by, sometimes it feels so close and others it feels like even more than 4 years. Since being back in therapy it has made me realize that I still had some closure to do and moving on. Part of that moving on was gaining my own independence again….hence the move. Not that I was dependent on my mom, I was paying my own way and such but there is still something to be said about living with a parent even as an adult. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve been there.
So here I am blogging from my new space and stealing internet from my phone. It has been fun to start decorating and dreaming about things I want to do. I feel like my creative decorating side is coming alive again. I am excited about exploring and finding new things to make this space all my own.

And remember a few posts back when I was talking about “finish year goals” Well this was one of them and I am so excited that I accomplished it! Now to just keep up the momentum!


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